For whoever needs to hear this…

Are you looking for a place to worship? You are welcome here!

Not sure where to begin? You are welcome here!

Are you interested exploring your life in faith, or are you looking to reconnect with your Lutheran roots? You are welcome here!

Your questions are welcome, even and especially the really hard ones.

Would you like to learn more about our confirmation classes, youth group, bible studies, or even our pub nights? You are welcome here!

No matter where you are situated on the spectrum of faith, no matter where you are in your personal journey, there is room for you at the table, a place has been set aside just for you.

You are welcome to worship with us, and you are welcome to join us for Holy Communion.

Please call us or email us and leave us your name and the best way to contact you. It would be our pleasure to speak with you.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
5502-52 Street
Olds, Alberta, Canada
T4H 1G9
Email: stpaulslutheran@oldsnet.ca
Phone: 403-556-8811

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